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Become a Mercenary - Tips

During the 1980’s many viewers had a keen interest on a television program called the “A-Team.” This band of mercenaries protected civilians and battled criminal elements. It is not surprising that this program had many followers and they often thought on how to become a mercenary. In real life, mercenaries do exist and they work for private security and military contractors to do the job that national armies do. Unlike the usual military units, these private military companies hire individuals who want to work in a paramilitary setting.

Instead of young recruits, mercenary companies get their personnel who used to work in the military, police, or other security agencies. Some people may think that it is difficult to become a mercenary. The reality is that those who do not have military experience can still apply in these companies in a supporting capacity. Mercenary organizations will definitely hire people to work as maintenance personnel, technical specialists or advisory positions. The first step in becoming a mercenary is for a person to determine his desired position in these covert military companies.

He can become a maintenance technician or pilot, who can fly in dangerous areas during reconnaissance missions. Some of the braver ones come from security agencies and do not mind if enemy fire comes along their way. Although the job is risky, these battle-tested personnel revel at the excitement that goes along these missions. In order to become a mercenary, a candidate must have a fearless attitude and a specialized skill that is useful to mercenary units. Additionally, these companies can also offer other positions like drug enforcement officers or train canine species to do police work.

Another way to become a mercenary is for one to have contacts within the military organization that will help him get into these groups. It also helps that a person may have friends or former colleagues in the military brass that can refer him to recruiters. The ones that are likely to gain employment in mercenary companies are those who finished their tenure in the military or have ended their tour of duty with the air force, marine corp. or army. If the recruiters show interest in a potential recruit, he can show them his previous experience or demonstrate the skills he learned from his former units. Moreover, the candidate must have an exemplary record during his tenure with them and must seek security clearance when he retires.

A spotless record makes it easier for one to become a mercenary and mercenary companies will scramble to enlist him in their fold. Once he is hired, a new day begins for a former soldier and he will now embark on a new career that is highly risky, but exciting as well. Those who are now part these covert companies must stay anonymous and do their jobs discreetly. For a mercenary, the missions are dangerous and he may lose his life in battle. Be as it may, a mercenary will have a sense of fulfillment in being part of a secret military unit.